Laikmetīgās dejas izrāde Kods

    NosaukumsLaikmetīgās dejas izrāde Kods
    Publikācijas tipsBakalaura darbi
    AutorsBroničs, Ivars
    Oriģināla radīšanas gads2015
    IzdevējsLatvijas Kultūras akadēmija
    Institūcijas nosaukumsLatvijas Kultūras akadēmija
    NozareHumanitārās zinātnes


    Radošā darba gala rezultāts ir laikmetīgās dejas izrāde ar nosuakumu "Kods". Izrādes balstu veido divas tēmas, kuru iedvesmas avots ir Haruki Murakami romāns “Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World”.


    Dissociative identity disorder is interesting theme with vast possibilities for creation of dance performances. While working on piece I have looked at main features of this theme and it conforms my initial idea. Considering available amount of literature, movies and other art pieces it is possible to choose your own inspiration and focus on creative process. Several times when I was focusing on examination of theoretical material, I used to catch myself at thought, that developed material or chosen artistic tool fits with theoretical basis much more than expected. That only confirmed that I have chosen the right theme and path for creation of dance performance as intuitively I already have taken into account some aspects of theoretical studies. Most cases of appearance of dissociative identity disorder are not pleasant and identities that are developing based on these events does not always work as defensive mechanism – sometimes this identity may cause more harm to person itself or to others, however it is amazing how consciousness of a human being can react to threats all around in order to protect the identity from being harmed ever more.