Oral History: Migration and Local Identities

    NosaukumsOral History: Migration and Local Identities
    AutorsGarda-Rozenberga, Ieva, 1980-
    IzdevējsInstitute of Philosophy and Sociology, University of Latvia
    Atvērt (PDF)


    The book consists of articles written on the basis of papers presented at the conference with the same title. This took place at the University of Latvia in Riga between June 27-29, 2008. The conference and the online proceedings have been dedicated to the memory of Prof. Augusts Milts (1928-2008), the scientific director of the National Oral History Project and an important figure in the development of Latvian oral history research. The online proceedings focus on oral history research, life-histories, and biographies through which gave insight into the collective and individual consequences of migration. Migration affects tradition, life-style, and identities and sets up a mutual exchange in customs and behaviour between the host community and the immigrants. The identity of the new country shapes the new immigrants even as they shape the new country. The online proceedings consists of papers presented at the Conference by Ilze Akerberga, Baiba Bela, Inta Gale Carpenter, Ieva Garda Rozenberga, Riina Haanpaa & Outi Fingerroos, Maija Hinkle, Rutt Hinrikus, Tiiu Jaago, Aivar Jurgenson, Anu Korb, Marta Kurkowska-Budzan, Amy Niang, Maruta Pranka, Anu Printsmann, Edmunds Supulis, Mara Zirnite. Papers by Arta Ankrava and Aija Lulle have also been added to the online proceedings, and these papers reflect the newest research in the field and convey the on-going relevance of the issue.