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  • Defence Strategic Communications (4)
  • ISSN 2500-9478
  • The Spring of 2018 has brought into sharp focus how differently states pursue strategic communications. One particular incident, more spy novel than grand politics, would have far reaching consequences beyond its original intent. In March a former Russian double agent and his daughter were poisoned using the military-grade nerve agent Novichok, apparently smeared on the door handle of his home in Salisbury, England. Sergei Skripal, a retired colonel with Russian military intelligence, had previo...
  • Defence Strategic Communications (3)
  • ISSN 2500-9478
  • Metaphors turn up where you least expect them. Netflix—the most prolific originator of quality television drama in the US—recently launched a cop series about serial killers. The clue is in the title Mindhunter. This whodunit is actually a howdunit. Or should that be whydunit? Episode by intriguing episode it explores the minds and motivations of murderers with a particular taste for exotic killing. And the protagonists of the drama rapidly become drawn into the operational processes of the poli...
  • Defence Strategic Communications (2)
  • ISSN 2500-9478
  • ‘The world is a mess. The world is as angry as it gets,’ declared the new President of the United States recently. The election of Donald J. Trump has coincided with, perhaps arisen from, a period of unusual turbulence in early 21st century geopolitics. Events have become difficult to read, no less predict. For all that Twitter diplomacy, ‘twiplomacy’, has sought to inject concision and clarity into politics, the reverse appears to be unfolding. Truth, untruth, and post-truth: conversations arou...
  • Culture Crossroads
  • Muktupāvela Rūta , Savicka Aida, Repšienė Rita, Šmidchens Guntis , Laķe Anda , Kristberga Laine , Freiberga Kristīne, Kulbok Latik Egge, Treimane Agnese , Ekmanis Līga, Vinogradova Līga, Žukauskiene Odeta
  • Latvijas Kultūras akadēmija
  • Defence Strategic Communications (1)
  • ISSN 2500-9478
  • Welcome to the inaugural edition of the journal “Defence Strategic Communications”, a new initiative form the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence in Latvia. As the UK’s longest serving Defence Strategic Communicator it is a privilege to be Chairman of the Editorial Board and I would like to thank my board colleagues for their support, hard work, advice, and help in preparing this issue. As the COE Director, Janis Sarts, says in his introduction the NATO StratCom COE has come at a ...
  • Kristijonas Donelaitis and Gotthard Friedrich Stender: Rethinking Parallels between Enlightenment Writing in East Prussia and Courland
  • Daija Pauls , Briežkalne Sanita
  • Vilniaus universiteto leidykla
  • The parallels between Kristijonas Donelaitis (1714–1780) and Gotthard Friedrich Stender (1714–1796) have been analysed in the article by turning attention to similar trends in Enlightenment writing in Protestant regions of Courland and Eastern Prussia. The context of popular enlightenment has been described by exploring similar and different themes in the works by K. Donelaitis and G. F. Stender as well as the 18th century ‘discovery of people’ as an European phenomenon. The article consists of ...
  • Normalizing the Cold war habitus : how Latvian autobiographers cope with their Soviet-time experience
  • Kaprāns Mārtiņš
  • Latvijas Universitātes Sociālo un politisko pētījumu institūts,2011. ISSN 1691-9017
  • The paper deals with post-Soviet Latvian autobiographies as a site wherein the social representations of Soviet period have been constructed. That is, I am concerned with the discursive repertoire undertaken by the autobiographers to normalize the Soviet experience. The normalization discourse is analyzed on three different levels: relations with Soviet institutions, the practices of everyday life, and comparisons between Soviet and post-Soviet experiences. I contend that, along with criticism o...