Defence Strategic Communications (3)

    TitleDefence Strategic Communications (3)
    Scientific work typesScientific journals/Scientific writing
    DescriptionVolume 3
    Institution nameNATO Stratēģiskās komunikācijas izcilības centrs
    NozareSociālās zinātnes


    Metaphors turn up where you least expect them. Netflix—the most prolific originator of quality television drama in the US—recently launched a cop series about serial killers. The clue is in the title Mindhunter. This whodunit is actually a howdunit. Or should that be whydunit? Episode by intriguing episode it explores the minds and motivations of murderers with a particular taste for exotic killing. And the protagonists of the drama rapidly become drawn into the operational processes of the police involved in tracking down these killers. Produced and directed in parts by David Fincher, this drama, however, has higher ambitions.