Nosaukums Datējums
  • Representation of the countryside and agriculture as values in the Latvian national identity : in the daily "Latvijas Avīze" (2004-2008)
  • Ločmele Klinta
  • Latvijas Universitātes Sociālo un politisko pētījumu institūts,2011. ISSN 1691-9017
  • Countryside and agriculture historically have been seen as one of the strongest pillars of Latvian national identity. Since the first national awakening in the middle of 19th century in culture and ideology, Latvians have positioned themselves as farmers, particularly during the first Republic of Latvia (1918–1940). Viewpoint about Latvians as ploughman nation revived again after the dissolution of USSR and retrieval of landed property. Latvia experienced a rapid increase of the number of farms....